Seed, Fertilizer, and Crop Protection

As an industry leader in both knowledge and product innovation, Osakis Creamery upholds 105 years of experience in the agricultural business and is the premier supplier of traditional crop protection and nutrient products in the region.

As a full-service supplier, we represent the most dependable crop protection chemical manufacturers, in addition to a variety of fertilizer vendors. Our range of products include crop protection chemicals, liquid fertilizer, crop nutrients, micro nutrients, tools, equipment, safety supplies and soil amendments.

Fertilizer Plant

Osakis Creamery recently invested nearly a million dollars into a 6,000 ton capacity, dry fertilizer plant.

  • The plant measures 219 by 79 feet.
  • The plant has an additional 60 by 60 foot loading area.
  • The plant better serves our valued ag customers and is a testament to our continued commitment to the producers in the region.

We are proud to partner with

Dow AgroScience
Loveland Products
Roundup Powermax
Roundup Weathermax
Warrant Herbicide